Data Trash (Digital Master Higher Fidelity​/​Quality)

by Pocket



Higher Clarity Digital Master. Recorded 2009-2010 at H. C. Ørsteds Vej bolig på København, Danmark/and at Kincaid rm. 2-4 as well as Beal Hall, Eugene, OR


released June 22, 2010

All Instrumentation, vocals, arranging, mixing and engineering by Pocket



all rights reserved
Track Name: Data Trash (Digital Master Higher Quality)
Plan Z,
Can you see that this is just what you wanted?
I say
Why are you putting people down to another round of fullshift games
Far far away
and if you saw that this is a leak from a casual patch
just you see its some force that attaches
is it what you wanted:
A waste of your honest breath
Collect some receipts and defend your retreat
its just data trash.
I'm just Data Trash
Track Name: Tincture (Digital Master Higher Quality)
Reclusives polish their image
Magic merchants annealing belief engines
Sidelined, and I’m burning a line through the sand dunes
like sugar-sweating glands
if I'm not doing anything to pacify your pain
I guess there’s not a fortune to be made
and after they've murdered us all
they'll just be lonely
and that kind of meaning has no mention
made up smeared in the mirror
Master, I'm writing love letters to strangers in the chain

(What will you do once you've found that the tincture is the proof)

the tincture is the cure
now what will you do
The tincture is the proof

But if it seems so sure
then we've actually lost the war
now that you know
We'll find it someday.
Oh ah.
Wire! Wire! Oh Wire! Wire!