Discography Pocket Memebership Box. Collect all the *Simple CDS*

from Pocket

This is an Exclusive Discography box of All of Pockets Full length releases in addition to a set of single compilation releases. Also Includes first year membership to Pocket Box: a subscription service where every new release is sent to you to add to the box collection. These albums were not released tangibly or widely and this is the first form they are in. Each sticker represents a release, and is a simple way to collect and catolog current and future releases, without the hassle of large clunky jewel cases. This is made for the music lover who wants it all on a budget, but hates downloading and burning cds (and you get a discount in comparison to ordering each CD individually.. plus a nifty box to go with it) Made from sustainable, recycled high quality matte cardstock, to house simply and beautifully as much music as you can in an economic fashion, with a sleek design.

Each CD comes with a sticker to place on the back of the box, so that you know which you have collected- All future CDs under membership come with a sticker to put on the back of the box also.

This item currently includes:

1) Sublation (You get a choice between the Analog Opus Version or the Digital Master Version)
2) Limerance
3) Hyper Plural Tapes
4) Enojet Sohest
5) Spinal Accord
6) Compilation Singles CD
7) (To be shipped in 2015: All my roads are dead ends)

*Shipping time varies from 2-30 days depending on pre order turnaround and order volume.

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