Mashup Graeme K Vs. Pocket Badfoot Circus Cult

by Pocket



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Mashup of Pocket's 'Cargo Cults' unreleased Bside with Graeme K's 'Badfoot Circus'.
Oh I've seen the word.
If you match this
Bow like a sinner
Now So Drafted ya fall into the tank
Down the top
rattle like a snake
Sewin' crafty, knitting up a hank-er-cheif

Tusk Shop Tuck Drop
Paint a picture like a traitor
trading faces with the neighbors
metanoia puke nuke
pill buttons bleed America
rain heat hail snow sleet
unexpectedly on the internet
radical philanthropy the non consenting the buried and the dead
a feast of reason
with excuses to keep giving
I've Unseen and unheard
But I've seen the word
and the mass is slipping away oh no
Unseen and unheard you know I've seen the word and the masses slipping away

Can't go.
Even if you want me to go
It makes me want to leave
It makes me want to leave
oh I want to leave


released May 7, 2009
Over-layed Bass, vocals, wah and drums by Pocket. Original backing track by Graeme K off his album Hidden Beast ℗ 2008 Mckeenstreet Music.



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